Bonjour to our 1st Parisian Partner!


Let’s go back to the end of June. We visited Paris as we got invited by Berlin Partner to attend Viva Technology conference (stay tuned, more on that soon).

Before moving to Berlin 2 years ago, I (Pauline) was living in Paris (for about 6 years) and coworking was not booming at the time.

I was very surprised, when we went there few weeks ago to see a complete new dynamics around coworking and see that it is now becoming a rising trend in Paris but also in France in general. Big coworking chains such as WeWork are coming to town and spaces are popping-up all around. When you think about it, it makes total sense. Coworking is a trend that goes hand in hand with the startups, freelancers and digital nomads communities which are also currently booming in France.


Today, Paris gathers around 30 coworking spaces and its suburbs more than 60! Obviously COWORKIES could not miss the chance to explore the coworking scene while being there. And this is exactly what we did. We decided to arrive 1 day before the start of the conference in order to get a glimpse of Paris coworking scene.

We met Alain, the Founder of coworking republic, a very cute coworking space in the heart of Paris (2 min. away from the Metro Republique, in the 3rd area which is by far my favorite one in the city). We met him few months ago when he submitted his space on COWORKIES. At that time, his coworking space was almost ready for opening and we did a Skype call to get to know each other. When we learned that we were flying to Paris in June, one of the first thing we did was to reach out to him for a meeting.

Coworking republic is located in a small courtyard which looks typically Parisian. Words like young, cute, cosy, neat and classy directly came to my mind to describe the space when we entered.

Alain got us a delicious coffee and we were ready to learn more about his space.


He told us more about the space and we were very happy to learn that few months after opening, the space is almost reaching its full capacity (well done!). It took Alain almost 1 year of construction work to renovate his space, which was previously a storage room.

Today it definitely looks very different. It combines variety of materials, such as wood, bricks, metal and grass 🙂

The space has 2 floors: the upper one which is the coworking area with 2 closed offices, 1 meeting room and the kitchen.


The lower floor is the chilling area, where members can relax and / or play video games. The glass-windows on the ceiling gives such a nice atmosphere to the room, bringing direct daylight in the work area.


After chatting about Coworking Republic, we showed Alain the COWORKIES alpha version. We were delighted to say its always a pleasure to discuss it and get feedback from our partners as we can’t stress it enough how important it is to build the platform together! We are glad to have him and his space on board and we can’t wait to collaborate more!

Before leaving, we decided to go for a tired-faces selfie. Yes dear friends, this is our faces after taking a way too early flights 🙂 (we changed it in black and white to make it look way better than in reality #funstuff)


Coworking republic is THE very first French (and Parisian) space we have on board, but we will definitely be back soon to hunt for some more! Paris, get ready, COWORKIES is coming for you!

Alain, before I stop writing, MERCI, MERCI, MERCI for your support, your positiveness and friendliness. We are glad to have you as a partner!

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Pauline Roussel

Co-Founder Coworkies. General Manager at Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a #coworking space dedicated to #startups, Ambassador of French Tech Berlin.

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